The European Investor Forum For Energy Leaders (EIFFEL) is an annual two day investor conference. The first edition is organised at the Mayfair Hotel in London on the 15th and 16th of March 2016. 

This initiative is launched by the industry itself and involves the participation of around 20 European utilities companies and more than 150 institutional investors. The conference will be the occasion for CEOs, CFOs and IROs to present their results and business strategies for investors and analysts from the European and US equity and bond institutions. Company presentations, fireside chats, one-on-ones and small-group meetings will be scheduled throughout the days.

Please note that the participation in the European Investor Forum For Energy Leaders is free of charge and by invitation only.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

The EIFFEL Committee


Investor conference: One-on-ones, group meetings and fireside chats

Investor conference: One-on-ones, group meetings and fireside chats


over 150 institutional investors

more than 20 European utilities issuers

over 300 One-on-one meetings


For more information about the event and the registrations, please contact:

Claudia Nanni Marcel Schulze
c.nanni@tradinfo.com m.schulze@tradinfo.com
0032 489 905180 0031 624 869 475
For more information, please also contact the broker partners:

Research analysts

Lawson Steele Lawson.Steele@berenberg.com
Phone: (44) 020 3207 7887

Andrew Fisher Andrew.Fisher@berenberg.com
Phone: (44) 020 3207 7937

Robin Abrams Robin.Abrams@berenberg.com
Phone: (44) 020 3465 2635

Mehul Mahatma, Mehul.Mahatma@berenberg.com
Phone: (44) 020 3465 2698


Charlotte Kilby Charlotte.Kilby@berenberg.com
Phone: (44) 020 3207 7832

Corporate access

Jennie Jiricny, Jennie.Jiricny@berenberg.com
Phone: (44) 020 3207 7886

Lindsay Arnold, Lindsay.Arnold@berenberg.com
Phone: (44) 020 3207 7821

Stella Siggins, Stella.Siggins@berenberg.com
Phone: (44) 020 3465 2630

Research analysts

Adam Dickens adam.dickens@hsbcib.com
Phone: (44) 020 7991 6798

Verity Mitchell verity.mitchell@hsbcib.com
Phone: (44) 020 7991 6840

Pablo Cuadrado pablo.cuadrado@hsbc.com
Phone: (34) 091 456 6240

Specialist Sales

Thomas White thomas.white@hsbcib.com
Phone: (44) 207 991 5996

Corporate access

Matthew Edmund, matthew.edmund@hsbc.com
Phone: (44) 207 991 5344

Research analysts

Bobby Chada, Bobby.Chada@morganstanley.com Phone: (44) 207 425 5238

Emmanuel Turpin, Emmanuel.Turpin@morganstanley.com Phone: (44) 207 425 6863

Carolina B. Dores, Carolina.Dores@morganstanley.com Phone: (44) 207 677 7167

Anne N. Azzola, Anne.Azzola@morganstanley.com Phone: (44) 207 425 6230

Dominik P. Olszewski, Dominik.Olszewski@morganstanley.com Phone: (44) 20 7056 5761

Timothy Ho, Timothy.Ho1@morganstanley.com Phone: (44) 20 7425 4267

Specialist sales

James Cartwright, James.Cartwright@morganstanley.com Phone: (44) 207 425 6369

Corporate access

Louise Mee, Louise.Mee@morganstanley.com Phone: (44) 207 425 6442

Research analysts

Alberto Ponti
Head of Utilities Team
Italian Utilities Analyst
Phone: (44) 20 7762 5440

Ashley Thomas
UK Utilities Analyst
Phone: (44) 20 7762 4050

Jorge Alonso
Spanish Utilities Analyst
Phone: (34) 91 589 3913

Lueder Schumacher
German & Scandinavian Utilities Analyst
Phone: (44) 20 7762 5044

Vincent Ayral
French Utilities Analyst
Phone: (44) 20 7762 5494

Specialist sales

Sophia Hart
Phone: (44) 20 7762 5256

Corporate access

Marc Lacour
Head of Corporate Access
Phone: (33) 1 58 98 07 63

Joanna Trup
Corporate Access Origination
Phone (44) 20 7762 4317

Organizing commitee

Exhibiting partner


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CompanyDelegatesCountryAvailabilityMarket cap
AccionaJuan Muro-Lara (Chief Corporate Development and IR Officer)
Raimundo Fernandez-Cuesta (Director of M&A)
Spain15th & 16th March€4,5 bn
CEZBarbara Seidlova (Head of IR)Czech Republic16th March€9,5 bn
DraxMark Strafford (IR Manager)United Kingdom15th March£1,0 bn
EDF Jean-Bernard Levy (CEO)
Xavier Girre (CFO)
Kader Hidra (Head of IR)
France16th March€17,9 bn
EDP Renováveis SAJoão Manso Neto (CEO)
Maria Fontes (IR Manager)
Portugal15th & 16th March€5,8 bn
EndesaPaolo Bondi (CFO)
Mar Martinez (Head of IR)
Spain16th March€16,6 bn
EDP-Energias de PortugalAntonio Mexia (CEO)
Nuno Alves (CFO)
Miguel Viana (Head of IR)
Sónia Pimpão (IR Manager)
Portugal15th & 16th March€11,7 bn
Engie ‎ ‎Judith Hartmann (Executive Vice-President, CFO)
Sergio Val ( Deputy CFO)
Arnaud Joan (IR Manager)
Sarah Kiriluk (IR Manager)
France15th & 16th March€33,9 bn
IberdrolaJosé Sainz (CFO)
Ignacio Cuenca (IR Director)
Spain15th & 16th March€41,5 bn
National GridSteve Holliday (CEO)
Aarti Singhal (Director of IR)
David Brining (Senior IR Officer)
UK/USA16th March£36,1 bn
RWE AGBernhard Günther (CFO)
Stephan Lowis (Head of IR)
Gunhild Grieve (IR Manager)
Germany15th & 16th March€7,0 bn
VattenfallJohan Sahlqvist, (Head of IR)
Andreas Regnell (SVP Strategic Development)
Annika Winlund (IR Officer)
Sweden16th March
VerbundPeter Kollmann (CFO)
Andreas Wollein (Head of Group Finance and IR)
Martin Weikl (IR Manager)
Austria15th & 16th March€4,0 bn