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Iberdrola, S.A. with more than 110 years of experience as shareholder’ owned utility and investments of 25,000 million euros over the last five years have made IBERDROLA one of the leading private energy groups in the world, with a presence in 40 countries. With assets of more than 93,000 million euros and profits of 2,327 million euros in 2014, the IBERDROLA Group has a generation capacity of more than 45,000 MW and supplies energy to more than 29 million customers, with best-in-class service quality and at one of the lowest greenhouse gas emission rates in Europe. IBERDROLA is one of the leading wind energy producer in the world, with over 14,000 MW installed; one of the leading international developers of combined cycles with almost 13,000 MW under management worldwide. All this is possible thanks to the efforts and dedication of a workforce consisting of more than 28,000 people